Group of older people doing tai chi. Some are seated.Kia ora and thank you for your interest in Kia Ora Tai Chi and in learning tai chi and qigong. 

What others say about Kia Ora Tai Chi classes:

“Calming”, “Keeps the body moving”, “Inspiring”, “Encouraging”, “Feel centred”, “Sleep better”, “Feel in control”, “Wonderful”, “Fabulous”, “Loved it” and “A gift”.

The beginners’ tai chi and qigong evening classes are currently full. A new beginners class will start later in 2022 (possibly August). More information about these classes is further below. 

In addition to the beginners’ classes, there are three very good opportunities to learn tai chi with Kia Ora Tai Chi.

  1. Learn tai chi online 

The Tai Chi for Strength, Balance and Mobility online course has been designed and developed by Jocelyn (of Kia Ora Tai Chi) and can be completed at any time that suits you. As it is online and completed in your own space, vaccination is not required. You can learn at your own time and pace as the course is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and anywhere you have a computer, tablet, mobile phone or data capable big screen TV.

It is ideal for beginners and also for tai chi instructors who teach strength and balance classes. Check it out.

2. A half-day, full day or weekend workshop to learn tai chi. 

Silhouette of a person gazing in wonder at the universe with a Yin/Yang symbol in the stars

Half-day tai chi retreat to relieve stress, sleep better and create a calm and centred universe for you.

The next one will be Matariki Magic, an out-of-this-world mini retreat (7 hours) on Friday 17 June, 2022, at Auckland’s Stardome. 

If you’re ready to open your heart to the universe and embrace the life you really want, then this mini retreat is definitely for you.

At this magical retreat for Matariki, you’ll learn how to navigate into a new orbit for yourself with tai chi and journaling so that you have the time and energy for everything you now want to do.

After the last two difficult years, many of us have revised our life priorities but are not sure where to start or how to make them happen. This is your opportunity to create a New You for the New Year (Matariki).

Discover more about this mini-retreat:

Date and time: Friday 17 June 2022 (during Matariki), from 1.45 – 8.15pm. Please get in touch if you’d like to register for this mini-retreat at the Stardome.

Venue: Stardome Observatory & Planetarium, One Tree Hill Domain, Auckland. (This retreat is designed and organised by Jocelyn (of Kia Ora Tai Chi), not the Stardome itself.) 

3. Free classes on Thursday mornings, any age and ability will restart at some point in 2022. Date still to be advised.

Four seated people doing tai chi. One is seated in a wheelchair and another in a shiny, red mobility scooter

Tai chi at Turuki on Thursday mornings, with co-instructor Aria

With co-instructor Aria, Jocelyn also offers a tai chi class on Thursday mornings, which accepts beginners at any time and of any age and ability. Due to Omicron, these classes are currently on hold. When these classes restart in 2022 (date still TBA), they will be free and held from 10 – 10.45am at Turuki Health Care in Mangere No need to RSVP, just come along. Click here to find out more. 

Please text or phone Jocelyn Watkin for more information about any of her classes, courses, workshops or retreats: 027 493 9851. Alternatively, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

More about the new beginners classes starting in the evenings later in 2022. The venue will be the Manurewa South School hall, which is located at 18 Totara Road, Manurewa. (Please refer to the map below.) The classes will be held every Monday and Wednesday evening (except for public holidays). Starting date to be advised.

Jocelyn Watkin and the Kia Ora Tai Chi team welcome high school students and adults of any age and ability as new beginners. If you’d like more information or to RSVP, please text or phone Jocelyn on 027 493 9851 or please use the Contact Form

Participants in the evening classes are encouraged to attend on both Monday and Wednesday evenings. However, if you are committed to practicing at home then it is OK to attend just one class per week.

The above map shows the location of the evening classes in the Manurewa South School hall. The entrance to the hall and the parking is at 18 Totara Road (please don’t go to the main entrance to the school, which is on another street).

Please text or phone Jocelyn Watkin for more information about any of her classes, courses, workshops or retreats: 027 493 9851. Alternatively, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.

Cost of the face-to-face classes:

  • Monday & Wednesday evening classes: Prices start from $10 per class (depending on how many classes are purchased in advanced). A discount is available for those who are referred by ACC and Age Concern for the Community Group Strength and Balance Exercise programme (“Live Stronger for Longer”). You must be aged 65+ AND be referred to qualify for this discount.
  • Thursday morning class at Turuki Health Care: Free to attend any and all classes. Click here to find out more.

What to wear: Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes (such as sneakers, trainers or tennis shoes). Please also bring a bottle of drinking water.

What to expect: All of the face-to-face classes begin with a sequence of easy, flowing, warm-up exercises which are low impact and gentle on your joints. These exercises are designed to improve your balance and core strength.

Then, Jocelyn and her team of instructors will guide you through a Tai Chi for Health form – a series of linked postures and steps, which are also designed to strengthen your leg and core muscles and improve balance. The steps are performed in a slow, focussed manner and accompanied by deep breathing (known as qigong, which means ‘breath work’ and ‘energy work’).

Tai chi is easy, fun and a really great exercise, which is good for your body and helpful at reducing stress. If you are unable to stand for very long, Jocelyn and several of her assistant instructors are also qualified to teach seated tai chi, which you can do alongside the rest of the class.


All of these Tai Chi for Health classes are approved with the BIG TICK  for the Community Group Strength and Balance Programme so you can “Live Stronger for Longer”.

What is tai chi? Described as “moving meditation”, tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines mental focus with deliberate and relaxed movements. Regular practice of tai chi can help improve strength, health and balance, reduce stress and lower blood pressure.  Read more about the health benefits of tai chi.

Please text or phone Jocelyn for more information: 027 493 9851. Alternatively, please use the Contact Form to get in touch.