Kia ora to more energy

Two hands holding a glowing energy ballEnergy – we all want more!  Tai chi is the only exercise I know that seems to give you energy or at least makes you feel more energised.

Good energy levels are strongly connected with good breathing, which is a key component in tai chi.

Of course, without breath there is no life. You’ve probably heard that old tai chi joke: Student asks: “Master, what is the secret of a long life?” Master replies: “Keep breathing for as long as you can.”

I’ve recently upgraded my instructor qualifications to include Tai Chi for Energy.  This programme was created by Dr Paul Lam of the Tai Chi for Health Institute by combining the movements of two different tai chi styles, Chen and Sun:

  • Chen style is vigorous and complex, combining fast and slow movements with powerful spiralling, seemingly elastic force.
  • Sun style incorporates unique qigong (life energy) movements with agile stepping.

Together, these two contrasting styles enhance energy flows, which can relax, refresh and revitalise. As such, Tai Chi for Energy can help to improve your health and wellness, internal energy, and the ability to manage stress. This form is a natural sequel of Tai Chi for Rehabilitation (which I’m also qualified to teach).

I look forward to teaching my students this exciting and energising tai chi form.

Find out more:

Three smiling women, one in the middle holding a certifcate

Jocelyn Watkin (centre) was awarded the Tai Chi for Energy Instructor qualification by Master Trainers Janet Cromb (left) and Tamara Bennett (right)