Health benefits

If you want to get fitter without puffing, feel healthier, have better balance and live stronger for longer, then tai chi and qigong can help.

At Kia Ora Tai Chi, Jocelyn and her team of instructors teach a number of taiji, tai chi and qigong programmes, including those especially designed to improve overall health, fitness, strength and balance and to reduce falls.

A film crew from Counties Manukau Health (which includes the biggest hospital in South Auckland, Middlemore Hospital) filmed the Kia Ora Tai Chi team and student, Frank, to promote tai chi for strength and balance as an approved exercise programme for the “Live Stronger for Longer” campaign. Check out the video below for Frank’s story:

The linked postures and steps of any tai chi exercise, accompanied by deep breathing (qigong), can improve your overall well-being, balance and fitness and help to strengthen leg and core muscles. Tai chi is good for your body as well as your mind, and is helpful at reducing stress.

Tai chi and qigong have become very popular around the world for health improvement and for good reasons. Medical studies and clinical trials show that tai chi can help manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. In addition, it can improve immunity and reduce stress.

Wave goodbye to the aches and pains of the gym and to wearing Lycra. Instead, slip into comfy clothes to say “Kia Ora” to tai chi, qigong and a better way to get fitter, healthier and to live stronger for longer.

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