Free tai chi lessons

Clayton 2Free tai chi lessons: Monday 8 and Wednesday 10 August, Clayton Park School hall, 6.15pm

Are you tired or stressed? Have trouble sleeping? Need to get fitter? If you’re bored with the gym and hate wearing lycra then say hello to tai chi.

Come along for FREE 1-hour tai chi lessons on Monday 8th and Wednesday 10th August at 6.15pm, with Jocelyn Watkin, a qualified tai chi instructor. Jocelyn is a Wattle Downs local and has been practising tai chi for nearly 14 years. Adults of any age and high school students are all welcome.

Described as “moving meditation”, tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines mental focus with deliberate and relaxed movements that are gentle on the joints. Regular practice of tai chi can help to lower blood pressure and improve strength, health and balance. More information on the health benefits of tai chi.

Jocelyn will be teaching tai chi on Mondays and Wednesdays at Clayton Park School hall, Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs, Manurewa. After the free lessons, a new beginners’ class will start on Monday 15 August and Wednesday 17  August from 6.15 – 7.15pm. Students are encouraged to attend both nights rather than just one class per week.  Pricing from $9 per class. Click here for more information or contact us or phone or text Jocelyn on 027 493 9851.