Last chance for summer tai chi

Fun, free and family-friendly

The last two sessions for FREE summer tai chi in Cornwall Park will be this Sunday (25th), 9-10am and Tuesday 27 February, 6-7pm.

Location: Under the oak trees or on the Rangitoto Steps (stone steps) between the new café and Pohutukawa Drive (look out for the signs).

Described as “moving meditation”, tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines mental focus and mindfulness with deliberate and relaxed movements that are gentle on the joints.

Summer tai chi in Cornwall Park is fun, free and suitable for all ages. You don’t need special clothes or equipment. Bring comfortable shoes, a sun hat and a water bottle.

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Kia ora to free tai chi lessons

Women and men as silhouettes doing tai chi.Free tai chi lessons: Monday 12 and Wednesday 14 February, 6.30pm, at Clayton Park School hall.  Address: Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs, Manurewa. Please refer to the map in this link for venue location.

Do you want to get fitter and healthier? Do you feel stressed or have trouble sleeping? Maybe you’d love to wave goodbye to aches and pains at the gym? If so, then say hello to Kia Ora Tai Chi.

Come along for FREE 45-minute tai chi lessons on Monday 12th and Wednesday 14th February, 6.30 – 7.15pm, with Jocelyn Watkin, a qualified tai chi instructor, who has been practising tai chi for over 15 years. Adults of any age and high school students are all welcome. Scroll down for more information. To RSVP for the free lessons, contact Jocelyn: 027 493 9851 or use the Contact Form to get in touch.

After the free lessons, a beginners’ class will start at the same venue on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st February, 6.30 – 7.15pm. Prices start from $9 per class. If you want to be fitter and healthier or reduce stress then tai chi is for you. It is suitable for adults of any age and fitness levels.

What to wear: Please wear loose comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes (such as sneakers, trainers or tennis shoes). Please also bring a drinking bottle of water.

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Love your heart and health with tai chi

What to expect: The class will begin with a sequence of easy, flowing exercises which are low impact and gentle on your joints. Jocelyn and some of her students will then demonstrate the tai chi form so you can see what it looks like. After that, you can have a go for yourself and learn the first few steps. In just one class, you’ll be doing real tai chi.

Longer term, tai chi can help you to improve your fitness, health and balance, reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Your heart will love you for it. Tai chi is an ancient, Chinese martial art that involves mindful movements performed in a slow, focussed manner and accompanied by deep breathing.

Tai chi is suitable for adults of all ages and fitness levels. If you are unable to stand for very long, Jocelyn is also qualified to teach seated tai chi, which you can do alongside the rest of the class.

Dates/times/pricing: Mondays and Wednesdays at Clayton Park School hall, Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs, Manurewa. After the free lessons, a beginners’ class will start on Monday 19th and Wednesday 21st February, 6.30 – 7.15pm. Lessons from $9 per class. To RSVP, contact Jocelyn: 027 493 9851 or use the Contact Form to get in touch.

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Clayton Park School hall

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