Free qigong, 3rd – 7th Oct 2022

Man holding a ball of energy and standing on one leg If you’d like to stress less and live best, then the FREE Triple 5 qigong challenge is for you.

What is the challenge? Just five minutes of qigong per day for five days in a row from Monday 3 October to Friday 7 October, 2022.

You’ll learn five calming qigong movements (one per day) from me and you’ll practice each one for five minutes per day. I’ll be with you all of the way with pre-recorded, “how to” videos and encouragement. Did I mention all of this is free?

What is qigong? It is a mindful, meditative exercise programme with deep breathing. The practice originated in China thousands of years ago and has many proven health benefits.

Who am I? I’m Jocelyn Watkin and I’m a qualified qigong instructor.

This is how the Triple 5 will work:

  • It will start on Monday 3 October and run for five consecutive days.
  • Each day, I’ll email you a link to a 5-minute YouTube video of me showing you a qigong movement, which will help you to reduce stress and improve your overall health. I’ll also upload the daily video onto the Kia Ora Tai Chi facebook page:
  • You have a go at this qigong by following me in the video at least once that day and for at least five minutes. As the video is pre-recorded, you can watch it anytime in the 24 hours of that day and, if you wish, you can hit the replay button as often as you want.
  • Each day, you’ll respond with just one word or 1 – 2 sentences telling me how that day’s qigong felt to you. You can do this by emailing or texting me, or writing in the comment box on the Facebook post in which the video appears.
  • That’s it.

If you’re keen on the Triple 5 qigong challenge, please use the Contact Form to provide me with your email address no later than Monday 3 October so I can email you the links to each daily video.

Wait there’s more…
If you do the five minutes of qigong per day, and then email me or comment on the Kia Ora Tai Chi Facebook page with at least one word per day about your qigong experience, then I’ll put your name in a draw for a FREE one-on-one, 1-hour qigong session with me online.

What sort of qigong will you be doing? Gentle, healing qigong movements so you can stress less and live best by:

  • Clearing your head and centering your body.
  • Releasing your neck and shoulder tension.
  • Reducing strain and pain in your wrists and fingers.
  • Resting and refreshing your tired eyes.
  • Strengthening your legs and muscles.
  • Improving your balance.

Can beginners join in? Yes, absolutely. Please invite family, whānau, friends and colleagues to join in. It is free for everyone and as it is online, it doesn’t matter where you live in the world or what time zone you’re in.