Kia ora to a better back

Cartoon of a spine with a New Year hat on top.

No need to wait until New Year to take good care of your spine. You can do this now.

Bad backs are one of the most common reasons for doctors’ visits and missed work days. So, when your back is being a pain can tai chi help?

Yes, tai chi exercise has been proven to be a safe and effective intervention to reduce pain in those with persistent low back pain. Find out more about this research and discover the five ways tai chi can help you get back to better health with your spine:

  1. Proper body alignment
  2. Good posture / recognising the neutral spine position
  3. Build core stabilization
  4. Avoid certain body positions and movements
  5. Practice the four tai chi principles

Check out the details of these key five points here.

Understanding how your spine works and practicing the five key points (as above) are the essence of good spine health. Tai chi can help you to make the right moves and to reduce back pain. Practice tai chi every day, if you can. Don’t wait for New Year to make this happen. Like nature, we are happier and healthier when balanced and in harmony all of the time, not just once per year.

Take good care of your spine and it will take good care of you. Soon, you too could say kia ora (hello) to a better back.

Photo of an elephant standng on a man's back

It’s best to avoid certain body positions and movements