Tai chi workshop to reduce stress and increase fitness, March 2019

People doing tai chiNote: This workshop has taken place.  Contact Kia Ora Tai Chi to find out when the next workshop will be.

Worried about stress or your health? Struggling to find time to keep fit? Sign up for a tai chi workshop which will help you.

In just three hours, you’ll learn how you can reduce stress and increase your strength and fitness. Tai chi can be done at work, at home and almost anywhere. You won’t need fancy shoes, special clothes or any equipment.

At the workshop, you’ll be taught a very special form of tai chi called: Tai Chi for Arthritis (TCA). It is safer and easier to learn than other tai chi programmes. Clinical and medical studies confirm that TCA helps to relieve stress and pain, reduce falls, increase strength and improve the quality of life.

You don’t have to have arthritis to feel the health benefits of this amazing programme. But, if you do have arthritis, it is more likely you can do this type of tai chi than any other. Dr Paul Lam, of the Tai Chi for Health Institute, developed this programme with the help of a team of medical and tai chi experts. Come along to have a go for yourself.

Your instructor will be Jocelyn Watkin.

This workshop is open to anyone, even if you’ve never tried tai chi before and is ideal for high school students and adults of any age, who are any of the following:

  • First time beginners.
  • Need to get fitter and/or stronger.
  • Feel stressed or worried about their general health.
  • Curious about tai chi.
  • Are missing Jocelyn’s Summer Tai Chi in Cornwall Park session and are keen to learn more tai chi.
  • Jocelyn’s current students (those who attend her evening classes at Clayton Park School), who want to incorporate more depth into their practice of TCA.

You won’t be on your feet for the whole 3-hour workshop. There will be the chance to rest and sit down several times to listen and learn about the medical background to TCA, why it works and also to watch a demonstration. You can also do tai chi while seated at any stage.

When: Sunday 3 March, 2019: 9.30am – 12.30pm

Venue: The Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, which has free parking on site.  Refer to map.

Price: $40 per person, payable before the workshop.

Please register/RSVP by Tuesday 26 February, 2019: send a text or phone text or phone the instructor, Jocelyn Watkin on 027 493 9851 or use the Contact Form

Places are limited to no more than 14 participants

Cancellation policy: Full refund if you cancel by 26 February 2019.  50% refund if you cancel between 27 Feb to 1st March. No refunds after 1st March.

This workshop is for you if you want to learn how to reduce stress and to improve your flexibility and balance and to increase muscular strength and fitness with tai chi.

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Keep well this winter

Thanks for your interest in this workshop.  Registrations are now closed.

Want to feel great this winter? Join in on a fun and relaxing tai chi workshop on Sunday 10 June to increase your winter wellness and boost your immunity.

Tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines mindfulness with a series of linked postures and steps, These steps are performed in a slow, focussed manner and accompanied by deep breathing.

At this one-day workshop you will learn specially designed tai chi movements that are easy to learn and will help you to:

  • ward off winter’s bugs and improve your overall health.
  • keep warm by improving your blood circulation.
  • calm and clear your mind, which will help you to re-boot your immune system.
  • get a good night’s sleep to further boost your immunity.
  • ramp up your energy and strength – anytime, anywhere.
  • relieve stress to give yourself a fighting chance for continuing good health.

When: Sunday 10 June, 9.45am to 4pm.

Where: Te Ngakau Waiora – Mercy Spirituality Centre, 104 The Drive, Epsom, Auckland 1023. View map

Price: $95 per person (including GST). A refund is available up to 30 days before the event. Plenty of free parking on site.

Instructor: Jocelyn Watkin, who is a  premier instructor with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.

Places are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Almost anyone can learn tai chi, which can be done while standing, seated or even lying down. It is a low impact exercise and is suitable for adults of any age, high school students and all fitness levels. You do not need special shoes, expensive clothing or any fancy equipment. And, you won’t get all sweaty or puffed out.

What to wear: Loose, comfortable clothing and flat shoes like sneakers or trainers.

Bring: a bottle of water and your lunch. If you’d like to try tai chi while lying down please bring your own yoga mat or similar.

Tea (including green tea) and coffee provided.


This tai chi workshop is for you if you:.

  • Want to improve your overall health and fitness.
  • Want to boost your immunity this winter.
  • Are worried whether the flu shot will be enough for all strains of that virus heading our way this year.
  • Want to find a better way to manage stress.
  • Have always wanted to try tai chi.

All welcome.

Tai chi aims to achieve harmony with nature and the balance of mental serenity and physical strength. It is the natural and peaceful way to help you to prepare for winter and sustain you over the winter months.




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Breathe your way to better health

There’s an old tai chi joke and it goes like this: A new student approaches his tai chi teacher to ask, “Master, how do I live as long as possible?” The master, a woman of many decades experience, replies: “Keep breathing as long as you can“.

Breathing – we all do it automatically: approximately 18 times per minute, 1,080 times per hour and nearly 26,000 times in a 24-hour day. You would have thought we’d got it down to a fine art?

But, what if I told you that most of us could do this breathing thing a lot better? And, by better I mean having more more energy, less anxiety, better sleep, less stress, better posture (with less back ache), and that it was a way you could quickly calm your mind when it is revved up. Of course, you don’t have to do this type of breathing for all of those 26,000 breaths. Instead, you can try it for just for a minute or two and for 2-3 times per day – it could make a huge difference in your life and health.

Tai chi is an ancient, Chinese martial art and exercise that involves a series of movements performed in a mindful, focussed manner and accompanied by deep breathing.

You don’t have to know tai chi to learn tai chi breathing. I can show you how to do this so you can breathe your way to better health. You will be able do this anywhere, anytime, while seated or standing.

Let me show you how in this short, 3-minute video.

Click on this link to find out WHY tai chi breathing is so good for you and why it can help you to bust stress in just a few minutes per day.

Find out more about a winter wellness workshop in June, where you will learn breathing exercises to wallop winter colds and boost your immunity.

Striped, tabby cat sleeping happily on the back of a red sofa

Better breathing keeps you warmer in winter and more relaxed. Purr-fect.

Free summer tai chi in Cornwall Park, 2017 – 2018

Please note: These sessions finished in February 2018.

Contact us to find out about sessions in summer 2022.

Always wanted to give tai chi a go? Come along to Cornwall Park for my FREE tai chi sessions over January and February 2018 and enjoy doing tai chi under the cool of the trees. Or,  just sit and watch if you’d prefer.

Starting Sunday 7 January at 9-10am, the sessions will be every Tuesday (6-7pm) and Sunday (9-10am) in January and February (including Auckland Anniversary Weekend, Waitangi Weekend and Waitangi Day). Classes are approximately 45 mins. Fun for all of the family, from children to grandparents.

Location: Under the trees or on the Rangitoto Steps (stone steps) between the new café and Pohutukawa Drive (look out for the signs). If wet, in the big gazebo near to the new café.

Described as “moving meditation”, tai chi is an ancient Chinese martial art that combines mental focus and mindfulness with deliberate and relaxed movements that are gentle on the joints.

Summer tai chi in Cornwall Park is fun, free and suitable for all ages. You don’t need special clothes, shoes or equipment. Bring a water bottle, a sun hat and come as you are.

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Tai chi workshop for Breast Cancer Support, 2017

Breast Cancer Support logo, looks like swan made of a pink ribbonPlease note: This event has now passed.

I am delighted and honoured to be working with Breast Cancer Support to teach a very special 3-hour Tai Chi for Rehabilitation workshop.

Whether newly diagnosed, in recovery, or some years down the track, this workshop is for anyone experiencing breast cancer who wants to have a go at tai chi or wonders if this type of exercise will aid with recovery and enhance general well-being? Ideal for tai chi beginners.


The details of the workshop are:

Just two places left. Please book ASAP. (The workshop is limited to ten participants.)

Those who have visited the Mercy Spirituality Centre will know that the surroundings are perfect for a peaceful, calm, and relaxing morning of tai chi.

Tai chi Yin Yang symbol made of fern fronds