World Tai Chi Day: Rain and Sun-style tai chi 2018

Group of people doing tai chi under a small verandah and trying not to get wet

Rainy start to World Tai Chi Day

Please note: This post is from 2018.

New Zealand might be the first country in the world to see the sun each day. But, not on Saturday 28 April 2018, World Tai Chi & Qi Gong (WTCQG) day. The rain really bucketed down in Auckland.

Each year on the last Saturday of April, tens of thousands of people in many cities across the world gather to do tai chi together at 10am. It is a global wave of goodwill – one human family, breathing together as one. The event’s motto is, “One World – One Breath”

Our small but determined Kia Ora Tai Chi group were one of the first in the world to kick-off WTCQG Day at 10am. We began with a warm up exercise: ‘awakening the qi’ and trying to bring on some sunbeams.

Sadly, those sunbeams wouldn’t come out to play. So, we headed indoors and created a sunny, happy atmosphere inside. Several Kia Ora Tai Chi students (in red shirts) came along to be part of this unique, world-wide event and we also attracted around 10 members of the public. Even those who had never done tai chi before were able to learn the first eight steps of the Sun-style form. Here we are doing those eight steps and basking in the sunshine of our own making:

WTCQG Day was founded 20 years ago by Bill Douglas and his wife, Angela Wong Douglas. From a small start in Kansas, USA, the event is now held in 100s of cities in over 80 countries.